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This project shines a light on the struggle of LGBT communities for equal rights from a totally different and unexpected point of view: the parents. How does it feel to be the parent of an LGBT child? What goes through in those parents minds? How do they come to and understanding of their children? What do or did these parents struggle with while guiding their growing children through ugliness and constraints put up by the outside world? And how can we create a platform where they also feel free of judgment and talk their mind? All these questions were part of the documentary of Can Candan, titled ‘My Child’ . Collaborating with the Turkish LGBT parents organisation, he has created the most authentic, emotional yet informative documentary film.

For this project, where we worked closely with Gemeente Amsterdam Burgerschap & Diversiteit , Bureau Discriminatie Zaken (Den Haag) and Gemeente Rotterdam Activering   & Welzijn and collaboration  of COC 7 Hills Foundation screwed the film in 3 cities and brought together a group of mothers for the Turkish LGBT parents organisation creating a week full of inspiration,  debate and reflexion in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag.

With the assignment  Amsterdam , 7 Hills Foundation has created a week full with film  screenings together with debate and meeting of LGBT parents.



ATFF is proud to bring you the third edition of the festival in September 2012. The fact that Turkish films have been winning numerous international awards, signals the revival but also a triumphant new golden era for Turkish cinema . The number of film productions per year is increasing at a constant pace. This year, the industry expects to give birth to more than 100 films, a number that announces the reawakening of a prolific industry. An industry that once upon a time had nothing to envy from Hollywood or Bollywood.

Masters of Revolution: Mind of a Chapuller



All around the world, there is an awakening of people that has been represented by creative protests. It is very interesting to see many countries and their people have been protesting forhuman rights, freedom of speech, better health care and so on. The protests as we know from the history have often had violent outcomes but the new approach of protesting seems to be full of inspiration and full of art. It is one of those reasons why we want to go to Turkey and take a closer look into the minds behind the protests.


In the history of protests, Turkish Occupy Gezi , seems to be the most creative one that  confused the government since they have never seen anything like this. These protests also opened up a lot of minds not only in the way of knowledge but also creatively. Where there is no media to support for the protestors, the people became the real medium. Usage of twitter and Facebook became a solution to life and death situations and saved lives.


These protest can be seen as a revolution in art, a prime example of collective artivism. Gezi Park Protest's most iconic images have become the cry for help for other countries. Then, everyone, artist or not started to realise that art was the best way to to represent and support their actions, the best way to deliver the message.


What is the social representation of art in protests? Who are these masters of revolution? How did they find each other and became one? Power vs image. Cultural bonds to this awakening?

A language has been created by the ongoing protests in Turkey. A language that tied different countries and cultures together. People forgot about their flags and egos to be one. Why? For Freedom. This is a project that needs urgent attention because these

 artist can be taken in custody by the police at any tie, just for being there, as a simple standing man performer has been.


With this visual research we want to get a hold of the facts of what is happening in Turkey and how does it reflect on the world. One of the most efficient protests that hasn ot been televised but tweeted. Artistic approach on protest art. This project was assigned to 7 Hills Foundation by Dutch Culture.


Amsterdam viert 400 jaar Nederland-Turkije


De band tussen Turkije en Nederland is eeuwenoud. Die tussen Istanbul en Amsterdam ook! Nederland vierde In 2012 niet alleen de 400 jaar oude diplomatieke betrekkingen maar ook 50 jaar migratie van de eerste Turkse gastarbeiders. In Amsterdam organiseerden Stichting Pera, Urban Cosmopolitans en 7Hills Foundation samen ‘Amsterdam viert 400 jaar Nederland-Turkije’ met een interdisciplinair kunst- en cultuur programma voor een breed publiek.

Amsterdam viert 400 jaar Nederland-Turkije was een ontmoeting tussen heden en verleden, tussen traditie en moderniteit, tussen ‘daar’ en ‘hier’. Een vertaling van de grootstedelijke jongeren- en populaire cultuur van Amsterdam en Istanbul naar hedendaagse uitingen van muziek, literatuur, dans, cinema en audiovisuele kunst. Het festival werd gevierd in juni 2012 met prachtige evenementen:

ISIN KARACA | De koningin van de hedendaagse Arabesk & TURKISH COSMIC DISCO | Disco-Psychdelic jaren’60-‘70

HET GROTE LEVENSLIED FESTIVAL | Liefde en Verlangen in tekst en muziek


Time Tells


After her father’s death, Diana Blok began a process of rescuing memories, searching for clues which would lead me to discover more of who he was and (as a result) who she was. Seven years after his death, her mother followed, leaving behind her personal archive in the form of a precious collection of handmade garments.


Memories of her father were carried through photographs collected in boxes and books.


Memories of her mother are embodied in the delicately stitched and embroidered clothes she created for her children for the key moments in their lives: baptism, communion, weddings. But all the while, her Catholic, Argentinian mother’s needle was patterning secrets, unutterable events of the past: indelible images that would eventually surface and give light to her prophetic words:  “el tiempo lo dira”, that is, ‘Time will tell.’


The exhibition is a combination of recent photographs of the garments my mother made, abstractions of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and archival family photographs.  A 20- minute film made by In it she documents Diana’s recent meeting with the Turkish ambassador’s children who shared memories about het father during their 12-year period together. The book is being designed and published by Willem van Zoetendaal, and is in draft stage.

Diana Blok, artist, photographer

Sublime Porte

Group Exhibition


Artists: Burcu Oncel(TR/FR), Mustafa Bilge Satkin(TR), Can Sungu(TR/GR), Ejderkan Tastekin(TR/NL)


Identity is part of the world of ideas. Yet identity is more than an “idea”. It is a widely shared system of beliefs and values that creates a community and the sense of belonging among many individuals. More than its content, per se, an identity creates a collective “we” in opposition to “them”.


Sublime Porte, was the place where all the foreign ambassadors would be welcomed into Ottoman Empire, this door had a position as gateway between Europe and Asia. It was the place where Sultans held celebrations for the new arrivals.


The exhibition Sublime Porte is a reflection to the ongoing discussions on Turkish identity. The Ottoman empire was a combination of many vassal states, therefore is was a collection of  many religions, races and traditions. Today Turkey is still a country of many contrasts. It is these contrasts what creates the identity of the society.


Four contemporary artists presented their works on this specific subject. Mustafa Bilge Satkin, Burcu Oncel, Can Sungu, Ejderkan Tastekin showcased their unique perception on Turkish (hybrid) identity.


The exhibition was accompanied by a panel discussion on the art practices of contemporary immigrant artists in The Netherlands and how has their hybrid immigrant identity shaped their art and practice?



Sag mir wo die Blumen sind!


Schuilen onder pruiken om bevestiging te zoeken.

Draag je zonnebril. Laat je benen zien.

Steek een sigaret op en maak een hele lange opkomst...

Een vrouw, een vrije geest, een diva, een toffe peer, een inspirator...

Ja – een  idool!


Sag mir wo die Blumen sind is een fysiek beeldende voorstelling over vrouwen, idolen en idolatie.  Wat is het om bekeken willen worden?  Wat maakt een idool en waar begint idolatie?


In de eerste parade voorstelling van 7 Hills Theater ‘Sag mir wo die Blumen sind'  werkt  theatermaker Melih Gencboyaci samen met Marie Groothof, Mijke Werkema en Judith Hazeleger. Een voorstelling waarin humor,beweging en muziek  elkaar ontmoeten.

Komt het zien en geniet!


concept/regie -  Melih Gencboyaci   met – Marie Groothof, Mijke Werkema, Judith Hazeleger

regie assistent /productie -  Sinan Efe,  Ipek M. Sur  sound design – Cenk Unis





Première: April 23rd, Sugarfactory Amsterdam


What is a Woman?

Who is a Woman?

Who is the Other?

And the Woman Other?


They’re supposed to sit still and not fight with the boys, they’re supposed to play nicely with their barbies, not cut their hair but dress them pretty, they’re supposed to save themselves, as virgins, for their husbands. They have always tried to perfect themselves accordingly as a Woman. So what does society expect from a Woman? What does Western society expect from the Other Woman? These two woman followed their own heart. They sing from their heart. They are every Woman - Meral Polat & Ipek Sur

A woman is a woman is a burlesque inspired concert. A musical exploration about what a woman is and what a woman is expected to be. The fears, desires and quirky humor of the two leads are conveyed in the poetic but sharp songs. Accompanied by four musicians, Ipek Sur and Meral Polat bring a completely unique sound to the stage. With influences from Eastern to Western music to Pop and Jazz. Add up burlesque inspired dance routines and video performance-mapping and you get a multi-layered show that engages all the senses.


A Woman decides what a Woman is. There can be no generalisation on this. No labels can hold

up to explain what a Woman is. We are every Woman. This is a performance which critically looks

at the position of women in life and society, exposing structures of identity, sexuality, masculinity, and the always transgressive female body that is tasked with crystallising the desires and demands thrust upon it by individuals and society alike. To ultimately bring a story of transformation and freedom.


The show is a personal narrative turn into music. As personal as it is, it is also universal, we want to inspire and empower girls and women to search their own heart and follow that path into self realisation and the freedom to be who you are.


This project is created by Ipek Sur and Meral Polat.  Via autobiographical elements in their work, Ipek and Meral try to connect their inner worlds with the inner worlds of others through concepts such as identity, love, loss and happiness.


Meral Polat is an actress, singer and theatre maker, she’s well known by her stage productions Ochtendzee (Meral’s Harem), The Veiled Monologues (Adelheid Roosen), TV series Noord-Zuid and feature films like De Boskampi’s amongst others.


Ipek Sur is a singer, curator and producer. She’s performed in several musical shows like the Aida Musical. As member of the Istanbul Musical Company, she  toured throughout Turkey performing in several leading stages. Her debut in the Netherlands came in the form of her Requiem solo concert in 2015.


Ipek and Meral are accompanied by four talented and inspired musicians who, with all their passion, put their best tunes forward for the show: Alper Kekeç on percussion (Oriental and indian percussionist and teacher), Efe Erdem on the trombone (trombone player, trompettist, composer and creative producer), Seb El Zin on guitar (composer, multi-instrumentalis, auteur and producer) and F. Murat Yatmaz Yatmaz with his bass (bass gitarist, band-leader, composer, arranger and teacher)

Read more about them on our Facebook page.


A Woman is a Woman is an intimate portrait of two women swimming against the stream



Concept and developement: Ipek Sur, Meral Polat.

Performance: Meral Polat, Ipek Sur, Efe Erdem, Seb El Zin, Alper Kecek, Murat Yatmaz.

End director: Ugur Baburhan.

Visual director: Berry van Dijk.

Choreography: Fernando Troya, Dereck Cayla.

Photography: Cihan Turhan

Production: Martha Gallego / 7 Hills Foundation.

Bookings and promotion: Serdar Manavoglu Pera / Paradiso.

Video: Cihan Turhan, Berry van Dijk and Ipek Sur.


Tickets now available at Sugarfactory

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A Woman is a Woman

My Child


Masters of Revolution: Mind of a Chapuller


Time Tells

Sublime Porte

Sag mir wo die Blumen sind!