ABOUT7 HILLSFOUNDATIONThe 7 Hills Foundation thinks out of the box and out of the existing language that still is custom to the art field. Since globalization has great effects (mainly positive) on contemporary art, it is our main goal to create a visual language that can be understood by both West and East, a language that’s as global and universal as contemporary art itself is. Reaching these goal means that we can give people the necessary tools and context to read and understand Eastern art just as we understand Western art (and vice versa). Art is borderless. And that is our motto creating new concepts that prioritizes creating common grounds rather than differences.


We believe that in the past ten years there have been many attempts to create a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. Unfortunately many of these examples created only more distance between the poles by emphasizing on the differences rather than to create common ground. We use this bridge as a representation of connection and communication in public, networking opportunities and producing contemporary art from many disciplines. By creating projects that can reflect on contemporary art regardless of where it is coming from. Within a time where we discuss more geography than people involved, we are hoping to be inspiration to all to question more and empathize with the other.



After a broad education in Film, Media and Visual Culture, Martha has worked for the last 10 year as a project manager, concept developer and creative producer for diverse institutions, from cultural enterprises, to municipalities to working with individual artists helping them develop their ideas or a specific production. Her professional and personal interests go towards engaging arts and culture, harvesting their potential to widen perspectives and working on a diverse society grounded on dialogue and connection.



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