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INTRODUCTION7 Hills Foundation is established to promote contemporary art with a focus on Turkey and her surrounding and connected countries - within a global perspective. In today's social structure we have constructed prejudices that give a foundation to a sense of 'otherness' instead of inclusive thinking and which stops us seeing reality in an objective way. The arts have proven to be one of the best mediators of changing perpectives.


We are living in a city where most of the cultures, religions, identities, nationalities, traditions, (visual) languages combine and create an extraordinary hybridized culture. This place, Amsterdam, has a history throughout the world of being liberal and a stage for opportunities that had no stage before.


The 7 Hills Foundation pursues just that, freedom in all aspects of life, and reachable for everyone, presented through visual art, music, theater and cinema, but also reflection in writing and debate. Brought to western society from other types of multi-cultural, open minded and historical cities like Istanbul, independent of any frame.


The 7 Hills Foundation is a non-profit organization and has been established in 2009 by young professionals who wanted to participate in the process of writing a new global art history and be part of it. The foundation itself is a result of the effects of globalization. Since 2009, 7 Hills Foundation has managed to grow despite ongoing cultural, social and political challenges and still continues to create challenging concepts to establish an organic growth in communication with the help of contemporary art.


Our main goal is to present and represent the best examples of multi-disciplinary arts and artists in a true way, far away from Orientalism or Auto-Orientalism, within the context that values it as art and nothing other than that. 7 Hills Foundation deals with the concepts of many art-forms by researching, evaluating, creating and finally producing. Please, always feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us!


Yours truly,

Ipek M. Sur

7HILLS MANIFEST2016For the last 6 years the 7 Hills Foundation has been growing extensively, acting in the field of contemporary art, film and performing arts. In the past years several projects came alive with the efforts of the hard working and passionate professionals that make up the 7 Hills family. With our of projects we strive to reach thousands of people from different backgrounds. and we have received very positive affirmations. It has been our pride and joy to see all the positive feedback and support for what we do.


The 7 Hills Foundation is in constant transformation, as is the art of life. In the meantime we have reflected on our goals and achievements, shedding some, adding new ons to the list. When we first established the 7 Hills Foundation we set out to get rid of the clich ideas on Eastern contemporary art and artists, a very complicated matter, with many invisible layers to it that not always receives the attention it deserves. We have taken as our main task to bring this matter into the cultural and social agenda, making it visible and discussable for the broader public. We believe that by exposing the devises at work in the ubiquitous biases and clichs, these matters can dissolve, slowly and persons can take charge of their own representation.


In the past ten years there have been many attempts to create a bridge between Eastern and Western cultures. Unfortunately many of these examples created only more distance between the poles by emphasising on the differences rather than to create common ground. We decided not to use any bridges. But rather create a platform for creative connection and communication, networking opportunities and producing contemporary art from many disciplines. By creating projects that reflect on the state of contemporary art regardless of where it is coming from. In a time where we discuss geography more than the people involved, we alk with the individual thatcher than about, we hear what is it has to say and share it with others.


We think out of the box and out of the existing language that still is custom to the art field. Since globalisation has great effects (mainly positive) on contemporary art, it is our goal to create a visual language that can be understood by both West and East, a language that's as global and universal as contemporary art itself is. Reaching these goal means giving people the necessary tools and context to read and understand Art, which is borderless and universal. Our motto is creating new concepts that prioritise our similarities rather than our differences.


Our inspiration comes from living and working together with a variety of talented people from all over the world in this bee hive we call Amsterdam. Amsterdam where we still run forward as a city and hope that people will follow. From human rights to law of identity to digital age our concepts varies. We are always open for new challenging projects that doesn't only look for the black and white but the grey area .It is the most attractive to ask and never stop questioning everything.


We are the young professionals, we are the ones who are writing the future. Feel free to contact us and share your thoughts, ideas and experiences with us!

Collabarations 2016We believe in strength in numbers, collaboration is key. Therefore we encourage artists, program makers and any one who wants to produce creative events to communicate with us and help us grow while we help them grow as well. We search for the unique experiences and concepts, that can bring that new insight into the mix. We are an optimist bunch who still dreams to be continuously happy in an angry world and inspire and challenge those to bring difference by using theories, contemporary art, theater, music, film all the other disciplines as a vehicle for awareness and action


From researchers to PR tigers to graphic design artists to concept developers, we work with talented young professionals from different backgrounds who all bring their now flour to the mix, this way we reflect the richness that is multicultural society. The foundation already serves a specific field of interest and it is our joy to have more people involved to collectively reach expand our wings and reach more minds.

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